The 2-Party Duopoly is at it Again

On one side, we have the incumbent, Scott ’41’ Brown.  This is a man whose nickname literally represents gridlock in Washington – 41 Senate votes being what the Republicans needed to indefinitely filibuster every piece of legislation – dragging Washington to a stop when what the country needed was bold action.

On the other side, Elizabeth Warren may seem like a contrast, but look at how she is running her campaign. She also takes money from corporate interests.  She had the option to run as an independent, but chose to put Party before People.  Now she’s working with Scott Brown to limit contributions.

They already have enough money to run their campaigns, so exactly who is that limit supposed to constrain?

What’s next?  Limiting ballot access?  Limiting who can be in a debate?  The net result is limiting the people’s choice of representation to those backed by large donors, PACs and corporations.

The truth is that those already in power have little incentive to change the structure that put them there.

We will never have the chance to put the interests of the people first within our government until we show that we can elect representatives that aren’t part of the 2-Party Duopoly.

Two extremes, two similarly corporately-corrupted parties – two sides of the same 2-headed coin.  The only way to win that contest is not to play with their rules.

Bring your own coin.

Vote independent.