Student Debt, The Cost of Higher Education and More Than Just The 3 R’s

College or technical training must be treated as an absolute right, not a privilege. The current system limits access, burdens students with outrageous debt and hurts the economy. Higher education must be attainable and affordable for all.

Colleges must return to providing a well-rounded education and not be run like for-profit corporations where the curriculum, all too often, follows a corporate agenda based on donors.

At a minimum, all student debt must be converted to zero interest loans and formulas based on income and ability to pay must be implemented to either forgive portions or all student loan related debt.

Even our high school grads are being short changed because of slashed budgets, resulting in salary cuts or freezes for the most critical link – our teachers. Cuts also result in larger class sizes, paired down curriculums and limited, costly, or no access, to extracurricular activities.

It is essential that local governments have adequate funding to meet the challenges of providing a world class education for our children, from K through 12 and well beyond. To that end, the federal government must provide badly needed monetary assistance to meet minimal budgetary requirements, thus maximizing the educational opportunities for our children.