About the Candidate

Bill Cimbrelo, has been a resident of Massachusetts for most of his life. He immigrated to the United States from Argentina with his parents, shortly before turning 6 years old and has long been a Naturalized United States Citizen. He is completely bilingual in Spanish and English.

He graduated from Arlington High School, class of 1975, and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Boston Campus, in 1980.

After graduating from the University, he worked in the chemical industry for many years and gravitated towards the area of water purification. He designed many industrial pollution control systems, but specialized in closed-looped water purification and recycling systems, that greatly limited or eliminated the discharge of hazardous materials into the local sewer systems.

He’s had two previous marriages, one ending in divorce and another ending after just 18 months, when his wife succumbed to advanced pancreatic cancer. He has 4 adult children.

His parents retired to Hyannis and he spent many summers enjoying the ocean air and beaches afforded by the many coastal communities of Cape Cod.  Eventually, he too settled on the Cape, along with his wife and their 2 cats.

Through the years, what was once a hobby, became a major source of income and Bill permanently left the water purification industry to be his own boss in a home remodeling business.  The business blossomed until the 2007 recession which forced him into both personal and business bankruptcies.  Like many, he lost his business, his employees lost their jobs, and he almost lost his home.

Since then he has rebuilt his remodeling business into a successful family business with his wife and the occasional help of his son.

Since he was young, his mother instilled in him the importance of staying informed with current events here and around the world.  As a result, he developed a keen interest in government and closely followed political activities.

In 2011, he was inspired to run for the U.S. Senate, as an independent candidate against the Republican incumbent, Scott Brown and the Democratic nominee, now Senator Elizabeth Warren.  That experience, coupled with the fraud and corruption evident in the 2016 primaries, inspired him to run again.

Once again, he is running against the corrupt political establishment and the collusion between government, main stream media and corporate interests.

“Deep seated corruption, stemming from the impact of governmental lobbyists and the Citizens United decision have continued to rapidly erode how our government functions, whose needs it serves, and our national and global agendas.”

He believes that running as an independent, he can better bridge the polarization perpetrated by the media and the duopoly to serve its own needs.

“The election of Trump is a symptomatic of a much greater affliction that plagues our nation. He is the result of years of broken promises and mounting frustration.  Unfortunately, corporatocracy is heavily woven into every move our nation makes.  We can only begin to extricate ourselves from its influence, one layer at a time – beginning with the flushing out of the corporate puppets that are in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.”

He believe that his life experiences have helped to make him into better son, husband, father, employee, business honor and yes – with a lot of help from everyone, ultimately, a Congressman.


Dear friends,

In the words of Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness  that created it.  We must learn to see the world anew.”  To that end, the problems we face today have been substantially created by a two-party system, the duopoly, that holds its allegiance to the power elite and corporations instead of the voting public it was elected to protect and serve.

This is not the America our Nation’s forefathers envisioned.  This not the America we grew up to believe in.  This is not the America we want to continue to show the world.  And this is not the America we want to leave for our children.

I believe that Washington and the duopoly have unequivocally demonstrated their unwillingness and inability to change.  However, we still have the power to change Washington, IF we vigorously defend and exercise our individual right to vote and, as we learned in 2016, we ensure that every single vote is counted CORRECTLY.  It is time to abandon the duopoly.  It is time to see the world anew.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bill Cimbrelo

Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress for the 9th District of Massachusetts